The Mohawk - Kanien'kehá:ka

People of the Flint

The Mohawk People are the most easterly Haudenosaunee nation of the Iroquois Confederacy - commonly referred to as the Keepers of the Eastern Door - a symbolic reference to the long house.

Mohawk Communities

    1. Akwesasne (Ontario, Quebec and New York)
    Land where the partridge drums
    2. Doncaster (Quebec) - Kanesatake and Kahnawake hunting grounds - also referred to as St. Lucie
    Tiowero:ton - where the wind begins
    3. Ganienkeh (New York) - commonly referred to as Altona
    Land of the flint
    4. Kanatsiohareke (New York) - north bank of the Mohawk River, west of Fonda, New York
    Place of the clean pot
    5. Kanesatake (Quebec) - commonly referred to as Oka or Lake of Two Mountains
    On the side of a hill
    6. Kahnawake (Quebec) - formerly known as Caughnawaga
    By the rapids
    7. Six Nations (Ontario)- also known as Six Nations of the Grand River
    8. Tyendinaga (Ontario) - commonly referred to as the Bay of Quinte
    Two pieces of fire wood beside each other
    9. Wahta (Ontario)- formerly known as Gibson
    Sugar maple

Mohawk Clans